About Dan Noyes

Dan Noyes, Zephoria’s founder and president, has over 25 years of experience in marketing communications. He has worked with clients ranging from large brands to small emerging growth companies. Throughout his career in marketing communications, Dan’s commitment to his clients’ success and his passion for the use of innovation and the latest technologies in achieving marketing excellence have continued to define his outlook on communications.

Dan started his professional career with Ketchum Communications, a leading global public relations firm, in Washington, DC, before moving next to a role in public relations for a large health-care association. During his career in traditional marketing, Dan conducted successful public relations campaigns resulting in high visibility for his clients. During this time, Dan also conducted marketing and media strategy training events, fueling Dan’s natural teaching/coaching strengths along with his passion for marketing.

In the early 1990s, Dan moved into the emerging area of digital communications: “I was drawn to the way desktop publishing was allowing marketing communications professionals to create compelling print publications without the use of highly specialized traditional graphic design techniques. This was the dawn of digital empowerment,” said Dan. “This was the early days of desktop publishing. We were teaching clients how to use these brand new tools including Ventura, PageMaker and Quark.”

Dan and other innovators using digital publishing quickly embraced the new world of online media. “I can still remember going to a conference hosted by AOL teaching business professionals about the new publishing capabilities of the web. There was a certain palpable energy that was part of that new age of the Net and the potential to create new channels of communication,” Dan continued.

Dan saw the convergence of traditional and digital communications as an area of vast potential and excitement. In 1998, when the internet was in its early days, Dan began to put his passion for marketing to work in helping companies build their online presence.

“By today’s standards, we were building simple brochureware websites, but more importantly, we were helping companies to market their online presence to reach new audiences and markets.  This wasn’t just about creating a website.  It was about developing new ways to attract potential customers for our clients,” said Dan.

The big issue in those early days of the web was that very few companies were actually focused on developing online marketing programs for the websites they were creating.  The concept was that if you built it, they would come.  Of course, this approach seldom worked.  In response to this need, Dan left the safe confines of corporate America in early 2000 to build the digital marketing consulting practice which gave birth to Zephoria.

More than a decade later, there is a whole new world of online marketing communication and Zephoria is at the forefront of it.  Even though the tactics have changed and evolved over the past 25 years, the underlying critical nature of finding a need and communicating a measurable and action-oriented message have remained constant.  Dan’s passion and commitment to continual evolution and learning has only grown stronger, and so has his passion for working with companies to achieve marketing success.

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