Web Analytic Consulting

Web Analytic Consulting Services

Simply put, web analysis is a system that clearly shows how well your website is performing.  It tells you how well your site is attracting visitors, what’s holding their attention, and what’s bringing them back.  The result?  A complete understanding of how your website is contributing to your overall business goals.

Website Analytics

The Zephoria web analysis program goes far beyond web traffic reports.  We not only run the data, we interpret it for you and provide solutions to any shortcomings found.  This has a profound impact on maximizing your budget since we are able to determine what’s working, what’s not and where you should be spending your online dollars.

Questions answered through our specialized analytic process include:

  • What do visitors like best about the site?  What isn’t resonating with them?
  • How did they find the website?  Are they likely to return?
  • How does the site compare to the competition?
  • What marketing vehicles are most effective in reaching your target audience?
  • Where are additional opportunities to drive more qualified traffic to the website?

Once we know these answers and more, we’ll help you turn this information into a powerful strategic tool called key performance indicators that will help you outdistance the competition.  And in the process, we’ll help you turn visitors into customers.

Customer Profiling Analytics

Not only do we help convert your visitors into customers, but with customer profiling, we show you how to keep them coming back.  Using customer profiling, Zephoria provides you with priceless insights and methods to more effectively identify and respond to your site’s visitors.  In other words, we let you know what people want from your website. This critical information helps you retain customers and increase your effectiveness in serving them.

Zephoria Customer Profiling helps you:

  • Attract more customers like your best customer.
  • Maximize probability of visitors converting to customers.
  • Decrease your cost per customer lead.
  • Further enhance user experience.
  • Predict probabilities of customers’ repetitive behaviors, such as website visits and purchases.
  • Plan future online marketing promotions and website development in the most cost-effective manner possible.