Social Media Consulting & Implementation

Social Media Consulting & Implementation

Social media is here to stay.  While it may seem like the options, as well as the potential pitfalls, are overwhelming, Zephoria knows how to navigate the social media realm for you.  There are actually fantastic opportunities out there to grow your business and enhance your company’s image.  Trust Zephoria to guide your business in the use of social media, which when used effectively, will build bridges of communication to your clients.

We customize the following steps to achieve social media prominence for our clients:

Step One:  Get to Know You

Zephoria believes that getting to know you is an important part of any online marketing plan.  We spend the time to get to know your business model, your target audience, your competitors and what you hope to achieve.  We truly consider ourselves your business partner and pride ourselves on going beyond what is expected of us.  We always keep your best interests at the forefront of any social media plan.

Step Two: Social Media Strategy Development

Focusing on your online goals, we come up with a strong plan to market your business using social media.  We actively engage with you to find marketing opportunities based on your business – perhaps a new partnership, an interesting business relationship or a new product being developed.

We don’t merely work on getting your name out there; we make sure we are enhancing your reputation and your brand by getting your name out the right way in the right place.  Whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or the next best thing out there, everything we do is well-thought out to meet your online communications goals.

Step Three: Flawless Implementation

The best laid plans must be implemented well in order to work.  At Zephoria, we have a dedicated, detail-oriented and experienced staff of professionals who make sure that your plan is executed flawlessly.

Step Four:  Analyze Web Results

Because we take a holistic approach to our services, we don’t consider our job done after implementation.  We analyze relevant data to determine how well your social media program is working.  This allows us to change or update your program as indicated and you to continue moving forward with success.