Web Development

SEO Friendly Web Development

Zephoria creates websites that work to market your brand.  We design sites that include all of the elements of solid website creation – use of latest technologies, appealing aesthetics, high functionality, goal-oriented text – with the added benefit of integrated web marketing features built in from the start.  This saves you the time and effort that it takes to add online marketing features after the fact, plus it means your website is working for you as a marketing tool from its inception.

Join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies, some of the largest corporate travel companies in the nation, and various other clients in discovering all that Zephoria has to offer you.

We get to know your brand.

SEO friendly web developmentWe want your site to be a marketing success, so we combine our communications expertise with all the tools you need to ensure your website seamlessly integrates with your marketing programs.  We begin with an in-depth review process to make sure we have a strong understanding of your goals, your target customers, your competition and more.

Once we have a comprehensive picture of your brand, we are able to customize a website solution to suit the unique qualities of your business.  We do in-depth research into what key words are most relevant to your business and will drive qualified leads to your site, as well as consider other online web communications options.

We create a website that is an investment in your business.

We then design your website with built-in SEO and other online marketing technologies seamlessly incorporated from the start, taking into account clear, measurable and actionable objectives.  We do this while creating a user-friendly and appealing website that will resonate with your customers.  And we do this in full consideration of your budget.

We provide adaptive web technology services.

Adaptive web technology services, particularly mobile web development, are critical to making sure you are able to reach all of your audience all of the time.  Adaptive technology is also used to develop sites that are usable by the visually impaired, or those with other special adaptive needs, who use technologies such as screen readers.  We know that it is important to build websites that offer an effective web experience regardless of the end user’s technology, and we are leaders in this ever-expanding area of web development.

We account for updates and offer support services.

We work with you to determine how much web support you would like after we create your site.  We can provide the service of updating your site regularly, or we are able to guide you in doing so independently.  Because we know that business objectives change and evolve, we make sure that there is flexibility for ease of updates in your site.  We include click-ease technology to allow simple uploading of new site copy, press releases, brochures, video files and audio files.  Your website is fully scalable to maximize your investment.

We include integrated web analytics consoles in websites.

Analyzing data plays a crucial role in the continuing success of any online marketing tool, particularly your website.  We provide an integrated web analytics console so that you are able to view your web data directly from the same place where you manage your website.  We believe this level of ease of use and functionality should be standard when it comes to designing websites for our clients.