Search Engine Optimization

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With billions of pages indexed on Google alone, it’s not surprising that getting your website noticed is an uphill challenge. In fact, unless your site appears in the top 30 results, chances are good that all those self-qualified prospects using search engines won’t be able to find you. Realistically, your website needs to be in the first page of search results in order to attract a significant portion of the online market.

The good news is that Zephoria has created a unique multi-step process to move your site to the top of web searches, right where customers can find you.

Step One – We focus on understanding your business needs.

The online marketing experts at Zephoria know that the first step of any internet marketing plan is to get to know you.  We take this holistic approach because your brand, your message, your marketplace, your reputation and everything about your business is unique.  We ask questions and spend time to gain a thorough understanding of your business, and then we come up with a strategic SEO plan that suits your needs.  The time we spend upfront, before any implementation, sets Zephoria apart and allows us to become a fully engaged partner in your business.

Step Two –  We get your company to the top of organic search listings.

Organic search engine optimization has been our specialty for over a decade.  Our SEO techniques ensure long-term top ranking through the acquisition of valuable organic listings. We use a natural content focused process that gets you top listings on hundreds and in some cases thousands of terms that customers use to find you and your products and services.  However, let’s be honest:  we’re also focusing on getting you to the top of those coveted, popular search phrases that everyone wants to obtain. The big difference is that we succeed.

The Zephoria organic search engine optimization process is a cyclical flow of meaningful, keyword-rich content that is promoted online using both traditional and social strategies, with the final result being that we’re able to help you reach your specific business goals and objectives.  We also are well aware of the potential pitfalls of SEO marketing, always keeping our clients’ reputations and long term strategy in mind.

Step Three – We use proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

In addition to search engine optimization, which maximizes high organic rankings, we strategically use paid inclusions or sponsored listings to get immediate top rankings for those terms that are most important in reaching your audience.  This effective combination quickly catapults your site to a top-ranked position on all the major search engines including Google, Bing/Yahoo! as well as several remarketing networks.

Step Four – We track and analyze results of your SEO and SEM program.

This may seem obvious, but in fact it is something that makes Zephoria unique:  we analyze relevant data to determine how well your SEO/SEM plan is working.  This allows us to refine your program and maximize your long term results.

We offer a full array of SEO and SEM Options.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are complex and ever-changing marketing tools.  Specific strategic offerings that may or will be included in your Zephoria customized SEO/SEM plan include:

  • Landing page creation and optimization including A/B and Multivariate page testing.
  • Paid search creative testing.
  • Responsible link building.
  • Keyword research and harvesting.
  • Content review, analysis and optimization.
  • Competitive analysis and tracking.