Why Understanding Mobile Advertising Has Become Business Critical

We all know that mobile is here and it’s going to stay. Gone are the days where we needed to have personal computers at home, hardwired to the internet to shop online, surf the web, or send an email. Now we have smooth, sleek, one-hand-friendly smart phones and tablets bringing the Internet literally to the control of our fingertips. How many of us are pull out our smartphone while waiting for a friend to ‘check in’ on Facebook or Tweet about your happenings? You’re not alone, my friend. Adults average over 2 hours a day on their mobile devices.

We are guilty of pulling out the smart phone to connect us at any moment. Wanting to stay up to date with social media or emails, almost half of us are bringing these mobile devices to bed with us just so we don’t miss an update. And it’s not just for social media or emails. These days, we can even catch up on the latest TV, with 30 million mobile users watching some form of video content on their device. And of course there is mobile commerce with 72% of tablet owners making purchases from their devices on a weekly basis, not having a mobile-friendly site is like closing your store one day a week.

What does this shift in mobile usage mean for the future of advertising? It means that if you aren’t already utilizing mobile advertising, you need to get in on it now. It means that the mobile advertising market has doubled from 2012 to 2013 and is on hyper-drive to continue to growth at unprecedented levels.  Not only is this market on fire, but the results from mobile advertising simply staggering.

Did you know that a mobile ad performs 4 to 5 times better than a “traditional” online ad?  And the mobile searches lead to action at an accelerated rate as well. Typically, a user will actually take action within one hour on their mobile device.  This means your mobile ad could be getting you quicker, better results.

Convenience is key when it comes to using mobile devices and placing ads on them is the same. Customers like to receive offers in their call to action in mobile marketing and companies have seen great success with creating unique offers for their mobile followers. Geolocation is also accelerating add brand loyalty with mobile offers once you’ve entered a physical store.

All in all, the mobile advertising market is hot and is very successful. There’s a lot to learn about current market trends and keeping your marketing skills in step with the best practices for consumers.

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