Top 10 Twitter Statistics – Updated November 2018

Twitter Top 10 Statistics

Twitter released the third quarter results for 2018 on October 25, 2018 and this data has subsequently been updated on November 28, 2018.  We are finding that a large number of digital marketers are increasingly leveraging the power of Twitter to extend the message of their brand.  To frankly and openly discuss the potential power of all social media channels email Dan Noyes at [email protected] to discuss how these changes could impact your brand.

  1. Twitter Monthly Active Users (MAU) Worldwide: 326 million Q3 2018 versus 335 million for Q2 2018. This also represents a 1 million MAU decrease in the United States from 68 million MAU to 67 million MAU.  Quarter 1 2019 was 69 million MAU. In contrast, the fourth quarter of 2017 and first quarter 2018 numbers showed an increase of 6 million in total MAU from 330 million MAU (Q4’17) to 336 million (Q1’18) MAU. Previous increases may have been due, in part, to new technology improvements. According to Twitter, “In Q1, we further refined the timeline to display a broader set of Tweets from a person’s network and applied deep learning models to show the most relevant
    Tweets first.”  (source:  Twitter –
  2. Twitter has increased their year over year Daily Active Users (DAU) by 9 percent year-over-year.  We are excited to see how this growth in daily active users continues to change over time.  (source:  Twitter)
  3. Twitter Monthly Active Users (MAU) United States 67 million Q3 2018 (source:  Twitter).  This is a slight decrease from the previous quarter which showed 68 million.
  4. Twitter Monthly Active Users (MAU) International is 259 million for Q3 2018 which is a modest decrease in MAUs over the previous year with was 260 million active international users. (source:  Twitter)
  5. Daily Active User (DAU) year over year growth has increased 9 percent for Q3 2018 compared with Q1 2018 which showed a 10 percent increase. (source:  Twitter) This is compared to a 12 percent increase shown in 2017 Q2.
  6. Advertising cost-per-engagement (year over year) for Twitter has decreased by 14 percent for Q3 2018 (source:  Twitter)
  7. Twitter ad engagements for Q3 2018 was 50% percent higher than it was for the previous year. Total advertising revenue increased for Q3 to $650 million with the US advertising increasing to $348 million for the quarter which represents a 29 percent increase year over year and a 32 percent increase in US-based advertising year over year (source:  Twitter –
  8. Most popular retweet of 2018 – The honor according to Wikipedia continues to go to @El Rubius which received 1,490,244 retweets for the following tweet:
  9. According to eMarketer nearly 66 percent of the businesses who have 100 or more employees have a Twitter account and expect it to rise into 2018.
  10. Two most popular Twitter accounts (@katyperry and @justinbieber) who collectively have over 211 million followers (107 million – Perry and 104 million – Bieber) followers.
  11. Extra Stat:  Top Twitter trend to watch – keep an eye on the following brands:  @SouthwestAir who prides themselves about always being about people and that social media needs to be a reflection of the corporate culture.  We also can’t say enough about our favorite brand, @Disney

Confidence in Social Media

One of the biggest challenges of any marketing manager is determining the core authenticity of their social media following.  We feel this is an excellent article from Twitter addressing this issues in a very comprehensive and healthy way:  Confidence in Social Media Followers

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