Three Marketing Trends to Embrace – June 2019

Like a parent, a marketer’s job is never done. When it comes to successful marketing, perpetual motion and attention to the ever-changing task at hand is the name of the game. Annually, the business and consumer worlds are inundated with new social and technological trends that demand the near-constant attention of digital marketers. This may seem like a daunting scenario, especially when you are already doing all that you can.

That’s why it’s more critical than ever to choose carefully the marketing trends and techniques you invest your time and money in. Here are three marketing trends that you should absolutely focus on this year:

  1. Video is king, queen, and everything in between.  Video is everything. By 2020, video content is expected to be an astonishing 80% of all consumer-based Internet traffic. Already today, YouTube – with their focus purely on the visual – gets more traffic than Facebook (undoubtedly why Mark Zuckerberg has said that within five years, Facebook will be video-first as well). Your company should be focused on video too. The prices of HD cameras and editing software have dropped dramatically over the past few years – making the essential tools of the video trade accessible to most businesses.
  1. Personalize your emails.  Email is a missed opportunity for many small business owners. The benefits of email marketing for companies with limited financial and staff resources are innumerable. Email, unlike many other digital marketing efforts, is nominal in cost. It’s one of the most inexpensive campaigns you can launch and requires only a strong list of contacts and some writing ability (make sure your spelling and grammar are on-point and that you always address the receiver with the proper name). Email is also far-reaching. Eighty-nine percent of Americans check their email daily, meaning that (if done right) you’ll be able to connect directly with your consumers easily and often.
  1. Collaborate with consumers.  Today’s young consumers don’t just want a good product; they want it to come from a good company or business – one that embraces authenticity. The best way to create an authentic brand is to leverage your customer’s desire to collaborate with you and for you. How can you do this? Social media is the key. Through social media platforms, customers can communicate your brand for you and foster its growth. Natural pet food company Canidae, for example, relies heavily on customers for its strong social media presence. Customers can apply online to be brand ambassadors for Canidae, which gives them free products for their pets in return for positive posts and photos on Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere. When it comes to your own brand, you can reach out to well-known influencers, bloggers, podcasters, etc. to collaborate or set up an online application, like Canidae, inviting more traditional customers to help spread the love and buzz.


Marketing is all about appealing to people, and techniques to do so are always changing. Zephoria has a long history of helping brands effectively connect with consumers via timeless and cutting-edge marketing techniques. No matter how big or how small your company is, we are here to support you and to take your marketing success to the next level. For more information about how Zephoria can help you click here.