The Latest News on Google Mobile: Google Now

Google Now, especially when used along with Voice Search, is a tool that continues the evolution of mobile search. It goes beyond traditional search by incorporating users’ search history, location, time of day and other categories of information to predict their needs. With the Jelly Bean Android update, Google Now’s content has expanded to include weather, stocks, traffic, calendar reminders, sports scores, nearby restaurants and more. Information cards pop up, providing a variety of information without a formal query. This experience goes beyond traditional search on a PC and is changing the way mobile users interact with search.

Competition from Apple’s Siri, other apps, and the limitations of smartphone screens drove Google to develop Google Now. Siri is not a search engine, but a “virtual assistant.” However, regardless of terminology or methodology, consumers are using Siri to get information that would have required a traditional web search in the near past. Google Now also provides the option to bypass a traditional search query.

Offerings like Google Now and Siri continue to change the mobile search landscape. Search engine marketing will continue to evolve as well to meet the needs of both traditional and new mobile search options.

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