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Centennials’ Values and Brand Engagement: Part 2

Strategizing for Brand Success

With over 85 million members, the Centennial generation represents one of the largest and most influential consumer groups. Brands are increasingly realizing that in order to succeed in the current marketplace, they must change their marketing strategies to reflect Centennials’ values and preferences. As discussed in Centennials’ Values and Brand Engagement: Part 1 (insert article link here?), the values that Centennials hold to are key influencers in determining how they view different brands and in choosing which brands they decide to engage with.

In order for brands to reach Centennial consumers, they must adapt their marketing strategies to reflect the current values-driven consumption characteristic of the Centennial generation. Below are three steps that brands can take to successfully engage Centennials:

Plan for the Future

One such way that brands can achieve this engagement with Centennial consumers is by establishing a meaningful brand purpose that reflects a brand’s values, all while keeping the future in mind. Promoting trendy, gimmicky messages or claiming inconsistent values will leave brands falling behind competitors who took the time to formulate a purposeful brand message.

While determining a future-proof brand purpose may be a lengthy, challenging process, the resulting brand allegiance from consumers will be the reward. Indeed, establishing a carefully thought out brand purpose and holding to that brand purpose despite a fluctuating social climate will ensure brand success with Centennials.

Establish Realistic Goals

Since Centennials are driven by practicality and pragmatism, brands should reflect this functionality in their brand goals. While solving world hunger or fighting for world peace are honorable, worthwhile endeavors, they may not be the most realistic goals for brands. Centennials will remain wary and unimpressed if brands claim visionary yet unrealistic goals, because they believe that these brands cannot possibly achieve such lofty goals. Rather, brands should focus on establishing realistic, achievable goals that will resonate with Centennials.

Reach Out to Centennials

It is no secret that in order to connect with Centennials, brands must thoroughly understand this generation. While research can provide some beneficial insight into Centennials’ mindsets, these studies are not the sole authority on Centennials. Perhaps the best way to engage Centennials might be through a brand’s engagement with Centennials. Taking the initiative to reach out to Centennials to learn more about their values, goals, and brand expectations may yield the best results in engaging Centennials. Indeed, what better way to learn about the most influential force in the market than by asking the source itself?

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