Pop up Marketing Trend

Pop-Ups – The Marketing Trend of the Moment

When you hear the term “pop-up,” where does your mind initially go? Is it to those annoying windows that open when you navigate to a specific web page? Those are the pop-ups of the past. The pop-ups of the future are small stores that open for a limited time, often with a limited audience. These pop-ups are the marketing trend of the moment! Their success has been astronomical, driven largely by a consumer market that is tired of “business-as-usual marketing” and thirsty for a different experience. There are many success stories in the pop-up world but the following are the top performers.

Nintendo is on the cutting-edge when it comes to pop-ups. They have made these small stores almost a part of their DNA because of their frequency and geographic diversity. Nintendo has recognized that pop-ups allow both users and non-users of their products the chance to experience what gameplay is actually like. This is only possible when the consumer is actually holding a device or seeing it in-person. Pop-ups are also one of the best ways to successfully introduce new products, especially during the holiday season.

The second company that has used pop-ups to their advantage is Xbox. They planned an overnight gaming event that sold out within two hours after it was announced. The response was so positive that event organizers also gave out a few reservations as prizes to eager fans. Xbox delivered an unparalleled experience with their pop-up including 4K ultra-HD TV’s and the best selection of their fully optimized games. The overnight event went beyond just gaming because Xbox provided a concierge, room service, and even a branded onesie to complete the experience. Xbox accurately recognized that consumers today are looking for a unique, share-worthy experience, and they certainly delivered one with their overnight pop-up.

The final group that has taken pop-ups to the next level involves a collaboration between Nike and Foot Locker. In a highly successful effort to overcome a sales slump earlier in the year, Nike paired up with Foot Locker to create a next-level pop-up called Sneakeasy. This pop-up features specially trained Nike salespeople who individually guide their customers through the store and talk them through all the products. Once the customer makes a selection, they receive it through a door that resembles a locked safety deposit box. The shoe boxes themselves are covered in a gold foil and sealed with a notarized letter. This is an experience that customers will not soon forget, and with the success of this pop-up, we will almost certainly see more companies following suit.

Although it may not be practical for every business, the concept of a pop-up is a unique and successful marketing trend in which businesses create an interesting and unparalleled, limited-time experience that will be attractive to both new and returning customers.