Pinterest Marketing – Updated August 2016

Pinterest Marketing – Statistics You Can Use

Followers of Pinterest have skyrocketed in recent years, with at least 110 million active users in September 2015. (Social Pilots) Sounds like a ready made audience who wants to learn more about your business.  Don’t miss the chance to market to this amazing group of customers or prospects!  If you’re not already schooled in Pinterest, or even if you are, note some helpful facts below about this increasingly popular app:

  1. Pinterest contains over 50 billion pins on about a billion boards.  Information about your business could be some of them.  (Social Pilot)
  2. Pinterest users between the ages of 18-29 make up 34% of all users.  This gives you valuable insight into the available audience.  (Social Pilot)
  3. Nearly 75% of Pinterest users have purchased something while using the app, or because of the information found on the app.  The amount of potential for influence is astounding.  (Social Draft)
  4. Pinterest users from the US amount to 60% of its users.  This is good news if you’re targeting this group of people.  It also helps to know that the dominant language is English.  (Social Draft)
  5. International growth isn’t out of the question.  In 2015 alone, this area increased by 135%.  That’s more than other social platforms experienced.  (Social Draft)
  6. The average Pinterest user spends an average of 15 minutes on the platform.  In this age of easily clicking onto something else, it’s quite an achievement to have someone perusing your material for this long.  (Social Draft)
  7. Best day to get an audience on Pinterest is Saturday, and the best times are from 2pm-4pm and 8pm-1am.  (Social Marketing Writing)
  8. A pin including a specific call to action increases engagement by 80%.  So don’t be too timid to make your request.  (Social Marketing Writing)
  9. In 2015, Pinterest value was an estimated $11 billion dollars.  And that’s only the beginning, because Pinterest is a relative newcomer.  (DMR stats)
  10. Female users on Pinterest make up 71%, and male users account for 29%.  This provides more clues into the audience you can potentially reach.  (Social Pilot)
  11. In 2015, male users on Pinterest increased by 120%. Men are starting to discover that it offers valuable insight for them, too.  (DMR stats)
  12.  At least 66% of Pinterest users pin things that inspire them.  Strive to be that presence on the platform! (DMR stats)
  13. Of all Pinterest pins, 92% are photos.  It’s a visual platform for sure.  (Social Pilot)
  14. Mobile apps provide most of Pinterest’s traffic, which amounts to 75%.  Make sure your information is optimized for mobile experiences.  (Social Marketing Writing)
  15. Average number of pins on a daily basis: 14 million. (Social Pilot)
  16. Pins with prices included get 36% more likes.  People could be saving your information to make a purchase later.  (Social Marketing Writing)
  17. Users have created 100 million boards related to food, and 146 million related to fashion on Pinterest.  (Social Pilot)
  18. Engagement with Pinterest accounts for 29% of the total digital population.  This definitely accounts for a huge number of people who might be interested in your products or services.  (Social Pilot)
  19. Each month, Pinterest users spend an average of 98 minutes on the platform.  All potential time to be interacting with materials from your business. (Social Pilot)
  20. Pins that can be related to one of the trending topics see an increase in click-throughs by a percentage of 94%.  So a bit of research to find out what’s trending goes a long way.  (Social Marketing Writing)

Pinterest wasn’t founded until 2008, according to Business Insider, and has virtually exploded in this short time period.  This exponential growth is unlikely to stop in the upcoming years, and you’ll want to jump in on the beginning of this social media success story.  It will likely translate into a tangible positive outcome for your business.  

Zephoria can be a great help in deciding how to best utilize Pinterest to help your business.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  Also be sure to download our Pinterest Marketing Social Graph below.