Pinterest and Instagram for Business

Content Tips Tailored to Pinterest and Instagram 

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most popular social networks right now, making it important to explore content optimization opportunities on these sites.  Though both rely on mostly visual content, there is data available to help make the most of your marketing efforts within these vehicles.

What works?

Taller images get re-pinned on Pinterest more often than shorter ones.   As a general rule, it is easier to view tall images vs. wide ones online and via mobile apps, since it is more natural to scroll down vs. across.

On both Instagram and Pinterest, take advantage of the option to include text.   Captions/descriptions help engage users as well as provide information for search engines.  100 to 200 characters has been shown to be the optimal length on Pinterest – long enough to be descriptive, yet still concise and well-suited to a mainly visual medium.

Use hashtags on Instagram.

  • Using hashtags has been shown to greatly increase like-to-follower ratios.
  • When possible and relevant, consider including popular hashtags.  However, some of the most liked hashtags includes “#LikeForLike,” “#FollowForFollow” and probably don’t generate high quality followers.  Other popular ones include words relating to nature, such as “#Sky” and “#Sunset.”
  • It is probably more effective and natural to incorporate as hashtags words shown by your overall online marketing data as important to your specific target audience.

Images that show something that viewers can create, do, or find inspirational are effective.

  • Some of the most pinned words on Pinterest are “home,” “style,” “ideas,” and “inspiration.”
  • The list of top 20 most re-pinned words (words that once pinned, get re-pinned by others most often) include “recipe,” “bake,” “cheese,” “cut,” and other words that mostly relate to cooking and food.  If it makes sense for your target audience, consider posting not only food-related images, but anything visually engaging that teaches about this subject.

“Love” is the most pinned word, so if appropriate, don’t be reluctant to use words that signify an emotional attachment.

  • “Like” as well as “favorite” are also in the top 20 most pinned words.
  • “Favorite” is in both the top 20 most pinned and most re-pinned word lists.

Likes and re-pins have a strong positive correlation; comments and re-pins don’t have as strong a link.  This is worth considering as you post visual content; an image that creates discussion might not also generate sharing.

For more information on how to effectively incorporate Pinterest and Instagram into your online marketing plans, please contact us.