Pfizer App Targets Patients with Depression

Household management, personal care, and other tasks often take a back seat to depression.  Those experiencing this mental disorder often struggle to even take care of simple day-to-day activities.

Pfizer recently launched an app called Moodivator, related to a drug for depression called Pristiq.  The app doesn’t replace medical care but does provide additional support for individuals suffering from depression.  Hopefully, it can supplement other treatments to help individuals with depression achieve more of what they desire.  

Moodivator users can monitor their daily moods, and set realistic goals for the day as well.  All of this can be shared with their doctors, which provides a clearer picture of what the individual is dealing with on a daily basis.

In addition, the app has built-in inspirational messages that will hopefully encourage the user to accomplish tasks for the day.  It’s especially beneficial for someone who chooses not to be or cannot be, attending counseling or therapy sessions.

According to Medical Marketing and Media, 70% of patients experiencing a mental health disorder expressed a desire to track their mental health using some kind of mobile application.  It would seem that Pfizer answered a need for a lot of people.

Even though Moodivator is related to Pristiq, it doesn’t require that you take that particular medication to enjoy the benefits of using the app.  Information about Pristiq is presented on a separate tab, independent of the other functions.  

“Advances in technology are now offering patients new tools to help them as they manage their depression. We developed the Moodivator app in consultation with psychiatrists to help complement a patient’s treatment by providing ongoing motivation in a simple, efficient, and portable way for those living with depression,” said Julie Ferguson, senior manager of communications for Pfizer.  (Medical Marketing and Media)