Shopping Trends for Holidays 2016 – Effects for 2017

Who is buying this holiday season?  The answer is simple:  Everyone!  Regardless of age, the market research is showing that spending is up for everyone this holiday season.  One audience is particular has drawn our attention – centennials or Generation Z.  The most recent research is also showing that spending amongst centennials has little difference regardless of gender or race.

Marketing Strategy Takeaway – Make sure that your digital communications are targeting the totality of this digital marketing audience including various genders and race.  This is also an important strategy to include as we head into the new year.  One particularly interesting trend for those reaching the youth market is that while they would prefer to buy online via mobile devices the vast majority of them feel they need to go to a retail store due to an inefficient mobile shopping experience. As we head into 2017 remember that this is the year of mobile and therefore focusing on an improved mobile shopping experience.  At Zephoria we are seeing more of our development and marketing services focusing on mobile and we know this will only continue into 2017.

Reach out to the Zephoria team to evaluate your current digital youth marketing strategies and let us help you optimize your future plans.