Mobile Marketing Trends – December 2016

Unlike many of our digital marketing articles which are intended to provide you with a digital advertising snapshot, this article is committed to a cumulative sharing of information and insights that could be impacting your mobile marketing and digital marketing strategies.  As a digital marketing consulting group, Zephoria is here to help and support you and your team so if there is anything we can do to be of assistance please don’t hesitate to let us know by contacting Dan Noyes, Zephoria President, at 585-230-9565.

Mobile Marketing Trends & Digital Marketing Trends

mobile advertising trends
  • Centennials spend an average of 70 hours a week with media (2016 @ Kantar Futures)
  • 72 percent of centennials say it is important for them to disconnect from online and mobile communications. However, according to Kantar Futures while centennials share this desire for greater offline/online balance their behaviors indicate otherwise.  The key for digital marketers is to show a possible integration between digital communications and offline social experiences.
  • Centennial Digital Strategy Takeaway:  Since most centennials have grown up with brands that were born in the digital era it is important to embrace and think digitally with a focus on mobile.  Remember mobile is the future. Mobile digital communications need to embrace everything from content distribution and aggregation to expressions of corporate culture.
  • According to Kantar Futures the top five brands for centennials in 2016:
    1. YouTube
    2. Google
    3. Netflix
    4. Amazon
    5. Wikipedia