Millennial and Gen Z Media Consumption

Millennial and Gen Z Media Consumption

It is no secret that Millennials and Gen Z consumers have done much to shape the world we know today. From their desire to have shared experiences with friends to their unique spending habits, young consumers have transformed the way many brands interact with their consumers. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in their media consumption, but Millennial and Gen Z consumers do have different preferences in the type of media they prefer to watch.

Before we look at the different media choices between Millennials and Gen Z, there is one important fact to know: they are both cutting the cord when it comes to cable and traditional TV. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube are the biggest players in the new era of media, and they cater to young consumers in a way that cable providers simply cannot. It is crucial that brands recognize this fact and alter marketing spend to reflect what is really the new normal.

Across all forms of viewing including streaming services, online videos, movies, and TV shows, there is one genre that stands above all the rest for both Millennials and Gen Z: comedy. That is the number one type of video content watched on a weekly basis across all different viewing methods. Millennials and Gen Z are equally interested in watching comedy, but there is a difference in their second and third choices. Millennials watch significantly more food and cooking shows as well as dramas than Gen Z, while Gen Z prefers music videos and cartoons. These choices, again, are across all the different viewing services.

When it comes to television content specifically, the overall preferences remain the same for both groups, but the divide between them is much deeper. However, the biggest difference belongs to vloggers, online personalities, and social media influencers. Gen Z is much more likely to consume content from these individuals than Millennials. In fact, nearly twice as many Gen Z consumers watch this content.

There are many implications that this data could have for your brand. Depending on your target age range, are there strategic partnerships you could make for content promotion? It is also important to consider how you could implement comedy into your video program, since this is content that your consumers are looking for, regardless of their age. Since Millennials and Gen Z have done so much to change media consumption, it is crucial to be looking for ways you can deliver what they are already looking for.