Measuring the Effectiveness of Website Content

Analyzing the success of your content marketing can be challenging given the large amount of data to consider. It is essential to have an organized, streamlined, and strategic way to weigh and consider your content metrics. And it is vital to go beyond likes and thumbs up to dig deeper into what is working and why. The Moz One Metric combines data into one score to help demonstrate how successful a piece of content is as compared to the average of past content performance within your business.

Some key components of One Metric strategy include:

  • The top metrics included are Google Analytics, Social Metrics, and On-page Metrics.
  • This analysis is founded on setting expectations based on past performance and measuring each new post or other piece of content against these expectations. For example, you’d measure the number of likes for your latest post vs. the average number of likes for your past 50 posts. You can then come up with a percentage that indicates whether you’ve met, exceeded, or fell short of your quantified expectations. This can be repeated for various indicators, then weighted and combined appropriately.
  • Once established, the process can be automated. It is fairly involved to set up, but can be worth the effort in the long term.
  • Though this data analysis strategy is based on averages, it is important to note any outlier results, such as a post that did exceptionally well on Twitter though its overall performance was average.
  • The weight of each category can be adjusted based on your company’s key goals.

There are many ways to customize data analysis tools to put them to work for you in making the most of your online marketing plans. For help in setting up a One Metric-based content data analysis plan for your business, or any strategic data analysis plan tailored to your objectives, please contact us.