Guide to Generating Rich Snippets

Generating Rich Snippets

Rich snippets, the brief descriptions that appear along with listings on search pages, can play a key role in creating high conversion rates by offering search engine users more information about how a site can meet their needs. Rich Snippets can be generated using a fairly straightforward form of mark-up within the HTML of your site.

Micro Data and

Micro Data is a form of mark-up designed to describe elements on a web page and can be combined with HTML to define items (person, event, etc.). is a universally supported vocabulary extension and is used in Micro Data. Micro Data and are standardized to be usable by all major search engines.

In addition to the generation of rich snippets and potential increases in CTR, using this mark-up serves to provide more overall information to search engines about your site’s content. There are also new tools, such as Google Recipe Search, being developed using Micro Data and by search engines, which could create additional marketing opportunities.

Important Note: Be sure to fully review and understand the mark-up guidelines provided by Google and other search engines. You should never include mark-up content that cannot be seen by users, or content that is inaccurate or irrelevant to your site. Actions such as these could result in ranking penalties.

Generating rich snippets is an important step in maximizing CTR, and use of Micro Data and puts you at the forefront of additional opportunities that may arise through effective use of this mark-up.

For help with generating rich snippets, please contact us to learn more and how Micro Data and could be applied to your website project.

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