Google+ Comments – A Powerful Tool for Bloggers

Google+ Comments were recently integrated into Google’s Blogger platform, leading to a noticeable and sometimes drastic increase in comments for many blogs.  It was such a popular move that the Google+ WordPress Plugin was created.  Using this plugin allows blogs not powered by Google’s Blogger to integrate Google+ Comments as well. (Note: this plugin isn’t officially endorsed by Google, but so far the general consensus seems to be that it works very well.)

Using this plugin seems to get you the best of both worlds:  the drastic uptick in activity generated by the addition of Google+ comments, without losing comments that are already on your site via other options such as Facebook, WordPress, or Disqus.

Overall, it seems that adding Google+ Comments to your blog is a great idea.  It can create more comments and more activity, which can lead to higher traffic, increases in audience, and better search engine rankings due to increased relevance of your site.  Here are some factors to consider, which all seem to add up to a win for this addition:

  1. Google+ Engagement:  Even though other social networking sites, such as Facebook, may seem to have more visibility and relevance at this point, Google+ continues to incorporate features that add value to users.  And Google+ Comments could lead to more Google+ users in general as it becomes more prevalent.  Even aside from the benefit of additional comments, engaging more with Google+ seems like a good direction in which to move.
  2. SEO Benefits of Google+:  Increased traffic, comments, and user engagement, all of which can result from adding Google+ Comments to your site, all positively impact SEO.  In addition, engagement with Google+ in general seems to help with SEO, so it’s a double win.
  3. Blog Relevance & Reputation:  Blogs are better when they are dynamic and create reader activity.  Google+ Comments can add to your blog’s relevance and reputation.
  4. Privacy Considerations:  This is the one area where some caution seems to be warranted. You should make sure you understand how Google+ Comments affects what can be seen, and by whom. Assume that all items you share publicly on Google+ will show up as comments on websites shared. Articles shared privately will show up as comments for anyone in your circles reading the same article. None of this seems like a negative, but it’s something to bear in mind.

For more information on how your blogging efforts could benefit from Google+ Comments and how to integrate it into your site, please contact us.