Gen Z is Mobile Only, Not Just Mobile Only

How Mobile Reliance Among Gen Z Impacts Brands

The term Generation Z designates the consumer group ranging in age from teenagers to young adults. This generation, with millions of young members, represents one of the largest consumer bases in the current marketplace. Brands are now spending millions of dollars to research this generation in order to ensure the development of successful marketing strategies for Gen Zers. This research has shown that one of the most influential characteristics of Gen Zers is their status as a mobile-only generation, a feature that holds numerous implications for brands.

A Mobile-Reliance Culture

Gen Zers were born into an entirely unique culture. In recent years, technological advances have been rapidly changing the way that society looks and operates. Today, Gen Zers of all ages have access to mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. The ability to access information from anywhere and at any time has greatly influenced Generation Z in their consumer habits.

Today, Gen Zers are almost entirely dependent on their mobile devices for most daily tasks. From paying bills to banking to managing home security, such simple activities are now conducted almost exclusively from the convenience of Gen Zers’ mobile devices. Since Gen Zers prefer to operate on their mobile devices rather than on other technological mediums, brands have had to adapt the way that they engage with this generation.

In light of this mobile-reliance culture, marketing strategies have evolved from using magazines, radio, and TV to promote brands to utilizing social media ads, posts, and influencers to generate brand awareness and engagement. Gen Zers view these former marketing tools as being outdated and out of touch with the current technological climate. Thus, in order for brands to stay relevant in the marketplace, they must adapt to this Gen Z demand for a strong mobile presence from brands.

Mobile-Reliance in Retail

The mobile-reliance culture that is characteristic of the Gen Z generation greatly impacts the retail sphere. Since Gen Zers enjoy the convenience of using their mobile devices to conduct business, they also prefer to shop at a retail store online rather than in-store. This Gen Z desire for an exceptional mobile experience has provided a complex challenge for retail brands in determining how to reach their Gen Z consumers.

In order to ensure that retail brands can effectively engage the Gen Z generation, they must work to make certain that they provide their Gen Z consumers with an ideal online retail experience from the convenience of a mobile device. Maintaining an easy-to-use mobile app, mobile-friendly images, and visually appealing products will help brands optimize the mobile experience for their users.

Gen Zers live in a world where speed and succinctness are not only desired but expected. Consequently, retail brands have but a moment in which to entice consumers on a mobile site. Brands should make sure that product images are crisp, bright, and eye-catching so that a Gen Z consumer scrolling through a brand’s mobile app will be persuaded to click on the image and purchase the product. Visual appeal can either make or break an online sale.

In order for brands to successfully reach the Gen Z generation, they must maintain a user-friendly mobile presence while offering creative, appealing products to their consumers. This marketing strategy will result not only in short-term sales but long-term consumer relationships.

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