Dream Big – Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Summary:  As we head into a New Year it is a great reminder to take a step back, assess the last year and dream big for the year ahead.  Bonny Simi from JetBlue Technology Ventures, shares some amazing insights.

“Go to a good college. Be in the Olympics. Work in TV and become a pilot. These were the goals of a 14-year-old girl who grew up in a town tucked into the mountains just east of Los Angeles. That girl went on to compete in three Olympics, become a sports commentator, an airplane pilot and three-time Stanford graduate. Listen how Bonny Simi, now the president of JetBlue Technology Ventures, did it all.”

Listen to Bonny share her passion (click to listen)

Developing An Entrepreneurial Mind – Lessons from Bonny

  • Dream Big.  You have to have a dream for a dream to come true-set goals for yourself as if you were 100% guaranteed to achieve them-if you donʼt try you wonʼt achieve it.
  • Develop Transferable Skills.  Be someone who is excellent at something that is transferable.  Ideally, a skill that is transferable to many different areas of your life/work ( for example Bonny was a gifted writer which in turn helped her become an Olympic torch bearer.)  Make everything connected.
  • Take risks.  If you believe that you will succeed then other people will believe you will too.  You will exude a nearly palpable confidence. Reach out and do it even if you donʼt know how to do it!   Learn by doing, ask questions, and find a subject matter expert.
  • Donʼt let fear or doubt hold you back from taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Do things in parallel because it lowers your risk.  Pursue two dreams at once just at different points-so get established in one dream and then pursue another because you have your first dream as a fallback.
  • Follow your heart and passions.
  • Think about the company and the culture of where you want to get hired.  Find a company that fits you and your passion.  Life is more than a paycheck so find where you fit and where you want to be.  Take risks.
  • Love what you do.  If you truly love what you do you will never work a day in your life.  Find what you want to ultimately do and work towards that goal. Keep your eyes on the goal and stay focused