YouTube Search Change

YouTube search is now ranking videos based on time spent watching, instead of just on clicks. In this way, YouTube hopes to reward videos that viewers spend the most time watching and provide better search results for site users. A new “Time Watched” report has been added to YouTube Analytics. If you are using YouTube as part of your online …

Research Shows the Google Effect on Our Memory

A client shared with me today how she no longer has to worry about typos because of her growing awareness that Google is auto-correcting her search queries. She said, “I no longer have to worry about typos because Google always just knows what I meant and fixes it for me.” Whether we want to admit it or not our thought process about how we use search is changing. As most of us know Google has the ability to auto-correct your typos and in some cases will reformulate your search to give you a more precise result. I remember when auto-correct first came out and the backlash against Google correcting your search. All that has changed as we’ve grown more and more accustomed to Google just figuring out what we meant. However, has the precision of Google’s “intelligent search results” shaped our memory?