2016: What You Should Focus on for Digital Marketing

Moving into the New Year, your company may be wondering how to redirect its efforts for a more successful 2015. While there is no “magic bullet”, there are a few factors that companies are positioning as major priorities to help their success.

Focusing on the Customer Experience

Sales should not be your organization’s only concern. Quality sales that benefit both you and the client mutually must be a component to your sales targets.

For your marketing team, this means finding the true value of your products and services and determining ways to enhance them in any way possible. You must demonstrate potential to customers that prove you are catering to their needs and not just your own bottom line. This dedication helps create lasting relationships and repeat business.

Use the Language of Human Experience

With the marriage of digital technology to marketing, new buzzwords abound. Your clients may understand this terminology or rhetorical style; that does not mean that they are responding to it the way you may want them to.

Steer away from clichéd terminology and try to translate the message that your brand communicates into human terms. Tell consumers and B2B clients how your product or service will benefit them in ways that speak to our own emotions and everyday interactions. This strategy keeps your brand from coming across as attached to abstract notions, rather than meaningful and relevant services.

Bow Before the Mobile Altar

Smartphones and tablets have changed the digital landscape. The growing pains felt by early adopters has given way to multiple generations of highly functional and useful devices.

If your company has not yet increased its efforts to cater to mobile users, you are missing out on valuable opportunities. Invest in mobile technologies this year; not just in order to capture millions of potential views, but to stay relevant at all. Google has revealed that mobile-optimized sites may receive a boost when it comes to mobile SEO. Let that sink in while you determine your staffing budgets in the coming year.

Be Smarter About Content

Viral content does not have to be just cat videos. The internet is a platform for education as well as entertainment. Why let search queries spin to sites like Wikipedia, eHow or about.com when they can lead customers to your domain?

To draw in these potential leads, offer meaningful, informative answers to questions potential clients may have. Ensure that your content is packaged in an appealing way that does not distract from the message intended.

Video in particular is on the rise. Mobile users would rather watch a 1-4 minute video than read a wall of text. Try to repackage your content into easily-digested videos to drive traffic and shares.

Make Marketing a Team Effort

Sales, advertising, customer service, human resources — everyone has the same job. You all want to generate revenue by providing a product or service that is in demand and has real, lasting value to clients.

Every one of your employees works in marketing to some degree. Work together to build a cohesive message from the top of your corporate structure to the bottom. When everyone is on the same page, there is less finger pointing and more productivity. Clients will be able to see your business as reliable and trustworthy rather than a disconnected hodgepodge of goals working at cross purposes.

Using these strategies, your business can make the changes to help it succeed in 2015 and beyond. The key is to see the dynamic market changes and anticipate them rather than responding to them reactively. Your clients will notice the difference.