2015 Luxury Travel: Visual Marketing Trends


Visual emphasis in marketing has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past several years. In 2015, that trend is set to continue. Luxury brands are upping the ante on marketing research. They are also prioritizing production of engaging visual content and brand images for their clients.

The Importance of Color

We humans rely on our sight more than our other senses to gather information about the world. Sight gives us a direct sense of immediacy and a richness of information that our other senses cannot by themselves.

Color in particular has a way of evoking connotations about the world around us. Mother Nature uses color as a way to indicate danger, healthiness or to attract.

Marketing can harness the power of color to send subtle messages to potential clients. Past research indicates between 60 and 90 percent of a person’s judgments about products or messages is based upon color alone. By choosing your palette deliberately in promotional materials, website designs, logos and similar devices, you are helping control the narratives surrounding your brand.

Always Do Your Research

Ritz Carlton has recently launched a massive campaign targeting Chinese clients. The efforts include an all new ad campaign and a revamped website written entirely in Mandarin. Their hope is to bring the level of recognition enjoyed by the brand in the United States and Europe to wealthy Chinese customers.

Using extensive research tactics, they quickly realized that although red is symbolic of China’s current government, it did not inherently draw up favorable connotations as they had hoped. Chinese test consumers became annoyed at the over-saturation of the crimson color on marketing materials..

This anecdote illustrates the danger of making assumptions. While red is representative of the Chinese State, it does not represent the feelings customers wished to have about luxury brands.

Instead, the research team switched to blue. Since then, the quantity of engagement and positive reactions has been much more favorable.

Know Your Connotations

The fact that blue has helped Ritz Carlton’s success should come off as no surprise. Blue communicates subconscious messages of dignity and intelligence. Red, on the other hand, signifies adventure, boldness and empowerment. Red alone could not convey the message of quality and value that Ritz Carlton desired.

For other brands, red works perfectly. Virgin airlines has forged a strong relationship with the color. In fact, they have patented a unique shade of lipstick for its female flight attendants to wear just to achieve a cohesive image for their brand.

Other colors benefit brands. Orange communicates warmth as well as value and discounts. Green brings out sensations of growth, vitality or rebirth. No matter the message you choose to send, make sure that color is a key component of your visual language.

Engaging Visual Content

In addition to the colors you choose, also seek to control the subjects you depict in visual content. The rise of mobile browsing has led to an increase in demand for immediate mediums such as pictures, illustrations and videos.

Offer your clients a smorgasbord for their eyes to get their attention. Your presence on their mobile will help solidify brand associations and encourage loyalty for your products.

For all these reasons, remember to think with your eyes as much as your brain when deciding on visual marketing materials for your luxury travel marketing campaigns.